Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Drumroll Please"

I recently re-watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother" on cable tv reruns called "Drumroll Please". It was from season 1 and it was the episode where Ted meets Victoria the bakery girl that moves to Germany. Shortly thereafter, I had a similar experience with a woman, and now I cannot decide what to do. This decision is solely my own, and I am struggling with what to do, as I do have one means by which to contact her. FWIW her background is also as a baker which reminded me of this episode. I always loved Victoria, as well as he return this year. I wished she were the mother, but she's not. Hmm...what to do? Well enough emo fag talk I'm out.

- On a somewhat related note, I am currently watching the episode again. It makes the argument that the moments before a kiss are better than the kiss itself. I agree with this argument.

- Apologies I have had some drinks. I should further explain. I met a woman, we had a magical night together, it was perfect. I know close to nothing about her except the baking part, ok why lie, its the 47 year old stripper. But her pre-stripper background had her owning her own bake shop. What should I do? I specifically have a "one time only" stripper policy to avoid emotional entanglements, but this is the 1st time I've gotten attached. It was my 2nd trip with her and I am just so smitten.

I can just hear those with "Woman" status saying Ohh My God WHAT THE FACK MARC and rolling their eyes. But my experience was pure unadulterated perfect. Should I let that be and always have the memory of that one perfect 30 minutes, or pursue something? Ohh this is one of those times when I love being single if nothing else for the mystery and uncertainty that it beholds.

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