Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Repel Women

Do you have a crazy stalker who won't leave you alone? Is that fat chick in class/the cubicle next to you keep giving you the look and you want to let her down easy? LOL married and don't know how to get rid of the mistress before she fucks up your life?

Whatever your situation, the moderator has some fool proof ways to ensure that they will ignore you/never talk to you again/run away.

- Pull a Ted Mosby (tell them that you love them on the 1st date). If she reciprocates, excuse yourself, run home, grab your passport, and flee to the country least likely to be her country of ancestry, and never return to the country you love.
- Send her a drunken text saying that "your love is my drug"
- Send her a drunken facebook message saying that you might be drunk but that she is smoking hawt and that you think the two of you have great chemistry and should go out sometime.
- Tell her you want her to meet your best friend. Hire marc1313 to be said best friend. Within 30 minutes, I'll have her running for the door.
- Tell her that you have a strip club addiction, and that you have frequently engaged in amorous activities with said strippers
- Take dancing lessons from marc1313 and put them on full display
- Be a needy emo pathetic mess/be her bitch

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