Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Remembrances from This Weekend

- Drunk blogging on Thursday night and talking shit to H's.
- Getting fucked up again on friday night.
- Drunk Madden with Ryan
- Discovering the awesomeness that is "Two Broke Girls"
- Oktoberfest in Lake Arrowhead
- Drinking a shit ton of beer
- Giving my spot in the stein holding contest to Rick. Thank God I did, and he almost shipped.
- Doing a lot of apologizing to Natalie's parents. It was unnecessary though.
- Falling in love with a readheaded cougar who drank a tallboy in like under 5 seconds.
- Having redheaded cougar come over to our table, flirting with her, and having her kiss me.
- Running after her, and being unable to find her in the parking lot to give her my number/ask her out.
- Some chick knocking over our tower of beer cups, running after her, saying I can't run I'm out of shape and telling her to either fix her mess or go out with me, her laughing at me before I finally gave her.

Picture of redheaded cougar kissing me

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