Monday, November 7, 2011

Jim Caldwell

How is this man NOT on the hot seat?! GM Bill Polian has said that his job is safe and that he's not on the hot seat. The Colts have been outscored 283-128 this season in 9 games. That's an average of 17 points a fucking game! In the NFL! On a team that has made the playoffs almost every year for the last decade, and was in the fucking Super Bowl two years ago! Granted Peyton Manning is the best QB of all-time, but this team still has talent on both sides of the ball, and to get embarrassed week after week speaks directly to the head coach. Caldwell shows zero emotion on the sidelines, has dreadful game management, and is the guy who gave away a perfect season a couple years back. Tony Dungy was a great head coach, and is a fantastic analyst for NBC, but he really screwed the pooch in grooming and hand-picking Caldwell as his successor.


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