Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things That Are Probably a Bad Idea

- Getting shitfaced on the eve of a weekend where you will probably be permanently shitfaced. Your liver tends not to like that.
- Calling/texting chicks that you like and saying that "your love is my drug"
- Being a Dodgers fan
- Shaving with an old school BIC razor when you are the clumsiest mother fucker that you know
- Betting on a team with Billy Cundiff or any other idiot kicker on the roster
- Going to a strip club when you are insanely horny
- Mixing a heavy meal with a lot of beer consumption. Heavy meal has to= something on the rocks...light meal=beer to balance out the volume.
- Getting shitfaced on an empty stomach. which reminds me: a microwaved dinner is probably +ev at this point
- Breaking the seal

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