Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drunk Errors

Some of the below posts will be reposts, some will not, I don't know what the fuck I've posted before.  I am posting these in the hopes that my brothers and sisters will not commit the same drunken errors as your beloved moderator.

- Once you are "buzzed", TURN OFF your phones, and stop social networking, because only VERY BAD things can happen.
- NEVER drunk text a chick you want to bang "your love is my drug"
- NEVER drunk text/dial/drunkbook a chick that you like asking her out.  I'm like 0 for 5 maybe worse.
- NEVER play blackjack when you are drunk
- If you do, give your credit cards/debit cards/ATM cards/any other plastic/any other cash to a SOBER female friend or you can bet your ass you will commit MAJOR financial errors.  Thanks H's: you've saved my ass on multiple occasions.
- EAT motherfuckers EAT!!!  If you eat you won't throw up no matter how much you drink, if you don't eat you are gonna vomit unless you drink like a bitch.
- Never drink any off the following: Anything mixed with any energy drink, Absinthe, or Four Loko's

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