Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Remembrances From AshCab and Ryan's Birthdays


- Jameson Rocks...Jager Shots....Jameson Rocks...Hitting on chicks...Pissing outside our limo...Hitting on chicks...A lot of fog
- Buying literally everybody in our party at least one drink at some point in the night
- Getting handcuffed by the fake police for "being served alcohol while intoxicated".  Well we're at a fucking bar what the fuck do you expect me to be?!
- Giving a breathalyzer and the standard DUI bullshit even though i wasn't fucking driving, i swear the popo just hate on me yo
- Getting back to Ryan and Hillary's house, and being around a bunch of chicks and then taking my clothes off because of the chicks said something i can't remember what


- A very long and unfun hangover
- An unfun debriefing full of ryan and rick being cunts and telling everybody and their mother about my "arrest". 
- Making the awesome discovery that i had spent over $200 the night before.  What joy!

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