Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things that are SF REDONKULOUS

- That the city of Los Angeles might have to foot the bill for MJ's funeral. Jesus Christ this city and state are broke, the Jackson's and their celebrity friends have millions upon millions, and yet the taxpayers might still have to foot the bill. God celebrities lifetilt the shit out of me.

- Bleeding heart liberals who think that the solution to a recession is to punish the taxpayers for the incompetence of their elected officials, rather than cut the out of control spending.

- Conservative politicians who try and impose their morality upon everyone, while they are having affairs, and engaging in other "immoral acts". When will these morons learn that you CANNOT regulate morality?

- Anyone who believes that the War on Drugs is still a good idea and/or effective. Legalize it, tax it, make badly needed revenue off of it, rather than filling our prisons with nonviolent drug offenders, while letting violent sexual predators and gangbangers back on the streets. God does anyone in our state or federal government have an ounce of common fucking sense?

- The Democratic Party

- The Republican Party

- Adam Lind and Ian Kinsler not getting selected to the All Star Game

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