Thursday, July 9, 2009

WTF How Do People Actually Like This Shit?!

The Dodgers losing a game they should have won to a team that has 30904900 guys on the DL has me on crazy monkey tilt so more venting:

Things Most People Like/Love that I SF Hate

- Salads...who cares if it's healthy, so is a fucking sandwich, and sandwiches don't taste like fucking leaves
- Energy Drinks....they can even make vodka taste bad, and that's nearly impossible for me
- Coffee....just awful, absolutely awful...Orange Juice is the nuts in the morning imo
- The DH....part of the pussification of America imo. if you can't even play 1B you don't belong in the MLB, and ffs make the pitchers fear retaliation if they consider some head hunting
- Taco Bell- I'd rather eat whatever's on the bottom of my shoes.
- U-Shaped booths: the foot space is very bad, if someone has to get up to go to the bathroom or take a call or something, then everyone has to get out, and it just has a very uncomfortable claustrophobic vibe to it in general. Normal 3 X 3 booths or middle of the room tables with chairs are much more + EV imo.
Restaurants that have "themed" restrooms titles: you know what I'm talking about, the ones that say the names for men and women in different languages, or whatever the "theme" for that restaurant is, because they are trying to be "cute". It's just annoying, I shouldn't have to read anything when I just want to take a piss. I mean ffs at least have the picture of the man or woman on there. This can be especially annoying when one has had multiple drinks.
MTV: Nothing but total fucking garbage on this channel. How can anyone take any of these shows seriously, or even find them entertaining. The only + EV aspect of MTV is tons of braindead SF HAWT chicks.

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