Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vegas Trip Report

Friday night: Get into town around 10pm. Pound a few beers with Ryan in the room while waiting for the girls to get ready. Head over to Fat Tuesdays to get some 190's. After that everybody goes apeshit crazy, people get lost, people disappear, people throwing up, the works. I tear it up on the dance floor, make 19 phone calls, and end up in the bar with a bacon cheeseburger, a 190, a scotch, and some middle aged bar tender chick who I'm pretty sure wanted to have some secksy time with me.

Saturday morning: Still really really drunk, met Pete Rose who is a total dbag, spend about an hour inside the Forum Shops at Caesar's trying to find the poker room.

Saturday afternoon: Played some of the best poker in my life in the $85 tournament at Caesar's. Top 4 got paid, so of course I finished in 5th. FML! Proceeded to meet my very very drunk friends at the pool, and jump in the pool/get thrown in my Ryan and Hillary 3 different times fully clothed. Got some cheers from the audience so yea me, guess I should have been a diver.

Saturday night: Tons of beer, followed by total degeneracy and got my ass kicked in blackjack and just totally lost my mind and most of the rest of my vegas money. Proceeded to down 3 scotches, half of a 190, and then went crazy. Took a bagillion of the phone sex/hooker cards that they pass out (no i didn't use any of them so stop judging me). Then asked our waitress who was really cool, and I prewarned about my drunken craziness which "hooker" was hotter, and I agreed with her answer. Then walked down the strip, and I pretty much talked to every single person that we came across, and had some pretty damn good conversations fwiw. Then Paul dared me to jump off the outdoor escalator, and I was SF down, but luckily Ryan and Paige held me down before the jump could be made. Ended up degening it up some more, made a nice little run at blackjack before getting ejected from the table, for putting my head down for 5 seconds while the dealer was shuffing. Saw the same bar tender from the night before, said good night, and passed out.

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