Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vin Scully retiring after this season

Absolutely devastated right now. Words cannot describe what this man means to me, my dad, the Dodgers, its fans, baseball in general, and the city of Los Angeles. He is not only the voice, but the heart and soul of the Dodger organization. His mastery of the English language, and interweaving stories from the past with the game, and humanizing the athletes that us fans often dehumanize, are traits that will never again be seen. In our OCD modern society, we prefer homer announcers, like Charlie Steiner, Rex Hudler, and probably the worst of the bunch, Hawk Harrelson of the White Sox, because we like announcers who are "on our side" and keep us entertained.

Scully refused to do that, and always remained unbiased and objective in his broadcasts, even though he really bled Dodger blue. The McCourts, and the city of Los Angeles, better make damn sure that they bestow the greatest honors possible upon him. Anything short of a statue in front of the stadium, and remaning "something of significance" in honor him will be an utter disgrace. Dodger fans better damn well enjoy his final 14, hopefully 15 months behind the mic, because while players may come and go, there will NEVER BE ANOTHER VIN SCULLY!

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