Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 Minute Dinner Ideas

Thank me later stressed out moms, busy professionals/students, sports fanatics, and lazy bachelors.

Kids driving you crazy, and you have too much housework to do? Have a big work/school project that you have to get done, and have no time to cook or leave the house? Big game on and you don't want to miss a pitch or play, and only have commercial time free? Flat out lazy and incapable of driving to the nearest fast food joint? Whatever your reason, here are some quick dinner ideas that are sure to appease the entire community.

(1) Stouffer's Microwave Dinners. Just had the Rigatoni w/Chicken and DE-LIGHT-FUL, and surprisingly filling. They only take 3 minutes to microwave, so perfect for in between innings/during bathroom breaks.

(2) Add in the following order: One piece White Bread, one piece swiss cheese, 0.5 small bags lays potato chips, tons and tons of luncheon meats, two pieces of swiss cheese, tons and tons of luncheon meats, the rest of your potato chips, one piece of swiss cheese, one more piece of white bread. ENJOY!!!!

(3) One bag Cheetos Puffs. One 12 pack of your favorite beer. Consume all of both, and 1. you'll be surprised how full you become 2. All of your problems will go away 3. New problems will surely arise 4. Fuck the new problems, This is Fucking Awesome!

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