Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Reintroduction to The Daily Musings of marc1313

Alright since there have been a lot of new visitors coming in the past few weeks, I would like to first of all thank you all for visiting. Please spread the word, and help make this blog the new "hot spot" on the web. The more people that visit, and the more positive feedback that I receive, the more frequently I will post, and want to post.

My Mission Statement: I, marc1313 do promise to keep you my loyal readers forever entertained. Whether you're having a bad day, need to know who to sit/start in ffb, or just need a good laugh, this is the one stop shop to solve your woes, and temporarily escape from your problems.

What you can expect to find here
- Lots of Baseball, Football, and now Hockey discussion. Fantasy sports advice, and my views on all sorts of sports related topics, and my predictions about upcoming events
- Humorous anecodotes from my real life, and of course my epic fails with women (if you think that you're bad with the opposite sex, just come here, and I promise you will feel a lot better).
- Totally Random Observations about all aspects of life
- Movie, TV, Music, and other entertainment reviews and discussions
- Food, Drink, and Fashion talk
- Insane Crazy Rants about ra tards
- Shout outs to people who are awesome
- Basically anything else "fun"

What you will NOT find here:
- Political discussions: I hate all 99% of those lying, corrupt scumbags on both sides of the aisle with a fervent passion, and will not talk about politics sans a story that is even more egregious than usual comes out, that requires a long rant.
- Any other talk about the news. I don't watch the news, because all that it does is put me in a terrible mood.
- Discussion of serious controversial subjects: I don't want to piss people off, and there's no reason to get upset myself, so I'm not even going to get started. Fun controversy like the DH, Megan Fox's hotness, or the Tuck Rule is always up for discussion.

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