Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pretty Embarrassing Woman Fail

Haven't posted one of these in a while, and I promised you other single people out there that I'd make you feel better about your failures, so here you go.

Alright so a female friend of mine (that's all the details you're going to get about her) whom I was definitely interested in, posted on her facebook status for like 3 straight days that she needed a friend to go to a concert with her. On the 3rd day she was basically begging somebody, anybody to go with her, so I sent her a message offering to go with her. Now we know each other well enough that I'm not coming off as a creep here, and she should feel comfortable going with me, but we're not best friends, if that makes any sense. I guess I should specify that she wasn't just a facebook friend, we know each other through some other medium, but I'm not going to specify what that is. Well she didn't respond (and she's a facebook nut, updates her status like 10 times a day, so I know she got it). I run into her the other day, I don't mention it, but she tells me that she decided to not go after all.

Sigh, she would rather not go at all than go with me. Don't think that I came off as desperate at all, I've always been very casual and tried to keep an aura of mystery around me when I've been around her and talked to her, but yet I still somewhere either fucked up beyond belief, or am that fucking ugly that she blew me off like that. Ohh well, time to move on, but still God it hurts one's ego to get putdown that badly, I mean she could have just gone with me as friends, and then if I tried to take it any farther just given me the "Friend zone" speech. I could ramble on and on, about other emo bullshit, or lie and say I'm over it, when clearly I'm not, but I need to end this long ass clusterfuck of a post.

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