Thursday, September 10, 2009

Driving Rants

1. Bicyclists: Are you all determined to die? Have any of you ever heard of fucking looking before you cross the street? Are you goddamn color blind? Red lights apply to you too, just thought I'd let you know.

2. Pedestrians who when crossing the street take their sweet ass time. No that long line of cars you see, they're not waiting for you. They're just admiring your new haircut, you slow selfish piece of shit. Fwiw when I'm by myself, I almost always run when crossing the street, because I know how maddening this is. I don't expect everyone to run, but at least cross with some sort of speed.

3. Two lane bitches: Male or Female. Please please please just pick a FUCKING lane! I don't give a fuck which one you pick, but just pick one NOW!

4. People who drive slow in the left lane: Move to England!

5. Asians: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???!!!!!!

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