Monday, September 14, 2009

FU BLACKBOARD X 27891347870

Why must you always be down at the worst possible time?!!! Well since I'm stuck in Mihaylo, and there's nothing else to do until it's up and running again, here's some rants from the weekend.

(1) Lost my fantasy baseball playoff matchup 6-5. Pretty much if any of my pitchers had given up one fewer walk or hit for the week, I would have won. That's how close it was. FML! Such a horrible and frustrating way to go out.

(2) Another tough defeat for the boys in blue yesterday. Billingsley really needs to get his shit together, if we're going to have any chance of winning in the playoffs. Wolf and Kershaw being banged up as well just has me full on panicked. Get well boys, we're gonna need all of our guns next month.

(3) Such a tough defeat for the Chiefs yesterday. They battled hard, and were tied with 2 minutes left, but just could not generate any sort of a pass rush the entire day, and no secondary in the world could have stopped Flacco and Co. with the amount of time that he was being afforded. Lets regroup, recover, and pound the Raiders into oblivion next week.

(4) Gonna be sweating out the late MNF game tonight. Ahead 35 points in this week's matchup, but my opponent has Rivers, McFadden, and Gates. Defensive struggle one time PLEASE!

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