Saturday, October 10, 2009

5 First Date Ideas

Alright well the status quo in society is to do dinner and a movie and for most people that's fine and dandy, but I hate the status quo: it's just so generic, bland, and unexciting. If I were taking out a girl that I liked, I'd want to test her coolness, and stimulate excitement in her, so here are five ideas that are "risky" but hey if you two aren't compatiable then it doesn't really matter where you take her does it?

(1) Spring and Summer: A baseball game. Winter and Fall: A hockey game. This affords you maximum talking time, with the action in the game serving as the perfect break in conversation to prevent those dreaded awkward silences. If she knows her sports, and is really into the game, then you know you've found a potential keeper, and if she's bored and complaining, well then she's a lost cause, bite the bullet, and just try and enjoy the rest of the game.

(2) Take her to someplace like Jack Rabbit Slim's from Pulp Fiction, and enter a dance contest together. You'll probably make a fool of yourself, but it will be fun, and it's important to humble yourself on occasion. More importantly, you'll show that you can be fun and cool, and that you're not afraid of doing something different.

(3) Disneyland: It's the happiest place on earth, there are numerous fine dining options, walking around and waiting in lines gives you plenty of talking time, and just being there will make you both feel like a kid again, and may conjure up feelings of romance. I mean if you can't start a spark at Disneyland, you can't do it anywhere.

(4) Golf N'Stuff or someplace like it. Go to the batting cages, play mini golf, air hockey, or other fun little games. Do something active rather than just sit and stare at each other, watching each other eat all night. Engaging in such activity is sure to loosen you up, and reveal to each other your true personalities, rather than the bullshit that you probably try and espouse when you're sitting down at a table trying to think of what to say next. Spontaneity FTW! I would recommend against bowling or someplace loud, because being able to enjoy a conversation is vital to 1st date success imo.

(5) Ice Skating: Because it's lots of fun, because watching each other fall down repeatedly is going to be good for a few laughs, but together succeeding and "getting the hang of it" by the end of evening can be the first thing that you accomplish together as a couple.

Single Readers: Best of luck to you, try one of these ideas someday, and hope they work out.
Taken Readers: Have a big anniversary coming up, or just want to do something new and different, go for it!

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