Saturday, October 10, 2009


Otherwise known as the greatest fucking sandwich known to mankind, no joke I've had like 6 of these in the last 4 days, they're so unfuckingbelievable, and although I'm sure someone else has made this before, I have a very particular way of preparing this sandwich that makes it uniquely my own.

The recipe:

- Take one piece of wheat bread and break it into two halves. If you want two pieces of bread, still cut them into halves, and just double down on the following.
- Get a large piece of your favorite luncheon meat (turkey in my case) and fold it up into fourths, so that you can stuff it all within the bread, and get maximum meat/sq. inch
- Take a thick presliced piece of your favorite cheese (swiss in my case), and this is probably the most important part, fold it into halves, and put one half the cheese on either side of the turkey. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure that you have cheese on both ends of the sandwich, giving it perfect balance.
- Go to the nearest Trader Joe's and purchase their "own brand" kettle potato chips. They are absolutely phenomenal for those of you who have never tried them. The chips are fairly large, so 3-6 total chips should do, and place them at the upper end of the sandwich.

ENJOY and thank me later.

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