Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Congrats to the Phillies

They are flat out better than us, and outclassed us in every aspect of the game. We have a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG way to go if we want to be in the same class as them or the Yankees, for both of those teams have something that we don't Heart. Our guys are far too relaxed, and mellow. We need a Torii Hunter/Derek Jeter type guy, someone who brings a fiery passion with them, and leads by example. We obviously also need a real leadoff hitter, because Furcal was horrendous the entire regular season, and in the playoffs, as well as a veteran ace who can shutdown an opponent. Lackey would be nice.

Well best of luck to whoever plays the Phils in the WS, but this will be my last baseball post for a while, so OUT!

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