Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's NOT "Just a Game"

(1) Because I watched every game that I possibly could this season and every season, and invested myself fully into every single one of the games that I watched, rooting for my team with all of my heart and soul.

(2) Because only thoughts of "the one who got away" can make me feel as horrendously awful as I have for the past 5 hours, and will feel until next April.

(3) Because once J Roll got the hit, I lay face down on the couch for a solid 10 minutes motionless, and for the first time in my life, shed a few tears over the outcome of a sporting event. Clearly this is more than just a game.

(4) Because not even an evening of poker, tv shows, music, and movies that I love, and some whiskey doubles can eliminate this heart wrenching pain. I'm hurting just as badly now, as I did at 8:50 pm, and will continue to feel this way until the next game, and probably until the day that the Dodgers finally win a World Series.

(5) Because despite the fact that we still have one more loss until we are officially eliminated, it feels to me and all other realistic Dodger fans as if we were eliminated tonight, and there are no more games left to be played. Still have to hold out hope, but things look very very bleak.

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