Friday, October 9, 2009

The Hills

Alright since 100% of all my age females that I know cannot stop talking about and raving about this show, I figured I should at least take a couple minutes to google it, and OMFG Woman Woman, and Woman: Why the hell did you not tell me that all of the females appearing on this show are out of this world hot? I mean who cares about the stinkin' premise the level of attractiveness on these chicks makes this show must see TV. At least, that's what they want you to think.

You see, this is all one giant conspiracy by women to homofy the men in this country. They put out this program, and dangle insanely hot 20 something women around to try and attract the male audience. However, since (presumably) there are few male characters on these shows, and if there are they are just token super homos and/or douchebags who shouldn't be taken seriously, the female characters own this show. Pretty soon you'll be thinking like a woman, acting like a woman, and be giving into all female demands. Do not fall for this ohh so clever trap that the Woman Majority has set for us, unless of course it is lesbian make-out session week on the show, but even then proceed with caution, and locate and use the mute button on your remote control, unless of course your own woman is complaining to you, in which case:


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