Friday, October 9, 2009


Alright while some of my posts may seem incredibly misogynistic, and anti-female, let me clarify that I am by no means a misogynist, and that I love women. Considering the fact that such a high percentage of guys are super douchebag fuckheads, I will admit that you ladies are in general the superior gender, although you definitely have your share of bad apples as well. My ranting and raving posts are merely an attempt to try and understand what the fuck you are talking about/what you want/what makes you happy. Oftentimes in life we lash out at that which we do not understand, and women are definitely something that I do not understand, so sorry if I'm a jackass sometimes (hey I'm a guy that's what we do, I can't help it). Anyways, thank you for your patience and understanding, I will try and make this blog as female friendly as possible, although I'm going to need your help because I'm running low on ideas/issues to discuss that females might find interesting, since I have such a minute understanding of your bizarre race.

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