Thursday, October 8, 2009

MLB Week In Review

Alright you've probably been wondering where the fuck the baseball posts have been. Now I'm very very superstitious, and it seems like every time I've blogged or facebooked about the Dodgers, they go on to lose the next day, but since they have an off day tomorrow, and I already facebooked, I'll break the silence.

Twins-Tigers: Thank you to both teams for one of the most exciting, breathtaking, well played games I have ever seen. Nobody who saw that game will ever forget it, and you showed us again why there is nothing in the world greater than October baseball! It makes heroes out of the unlikeliest of players: Francisco Cabrera, Gene Larkin, and now Alexi Casilla are names that baseballholics will have etched into their memories forever.

Rockies-Phillies: Cliff Lee was Cliff Lee (once again a major fuck you to Mark Shapiro from the other NL Playoff teams for basically giving this guy away), but CarGo and Yorvit Torrealba raked to put them right back into contention. It should be fun to watch these teams play in sub freezing temperatures on Saturday night in Coors.

Yankees-Twins: I doubt that anybody really expected the Twins to have a shot in game 1, after Tuesday's madness, but they should be rested and ready to go tomorrow. Burnett is beatable, and the Twins have played like a team of destiny, with every game being a playoff game for the past month. Ohh and Joe Girardi, was it seriously necessary to make 3409489038 mid-inning pitching changes in a 7-2 game with no runners on?

Dodgers-Cardinals: Speaking of unsung heroes, how about Ronnie Belliard (who was on the Nats two months ago), and Mark Loretta (the forgotten 25th man who almost missed the playoff roster cut)? The difference between this year's team and last year's, is that everybody is contributing, and believes in themselves, not just Manny. Still, Manny HAS to turn it around if we're going to advance deep into October. Ohh and shout out to the forgotten heroes, who have been the true MVP's of this series so far: Jeff Weaver, Ronald Belisario, Hong-Chi Kuo, George Sherrill, and Big Jon Broxton. 8 IP, 1 R against this potent attack is outstanding, and given our offense the chance to scratch out enough runs to win.

Angels-Red Sox: To all you Halo fans who were hard on Lackey this year when he was struggling, I've been telling you all along, that this man is without any doubt or equivocation your ACE, and he proved it tonight. He's been the victim of some really bad luck, and anemic offensive performances by the Halos in the past few playoff appearances, but the man is absolute nails when his team needs him the most. Beating Lester is huge, beating a healthy Beckett would be even BIGGER, and with the whole Nick Adenhart thing, this really does feel like the year that the Halos finally beat the Sox, to set up an all time ALCS.

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