Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NFL Week 4 Review and Week 5 Predictions

- The Old Man still has it. Aaron Rodgers gave him a run for his money, but Favre just continues to play out of his mind.

- An all Manning Super Bowl is definitely a possibility at this point. Both teams are 4-0, and are clicking on all cylinders. The rise of Pierre Garcon gives Manning a 3rd option to go to, in addition to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. Once Jim Caldwell realizes that Donald Brown should be the feature back, the Colts offense will be an unstoppable force (not that it's too shabby right now). As for the Giants, beating the Chiefs isn't a really big accomplishment, but Steve Smith and Mario Manningham are helping to make this one of the most balanced offenses in the NFL, to add to the stifling defense.

- Despite the loss, Joe Flacco is still the real deal, and the Ravens are still the best team in the AFC. How do you drop that pass Mark Clayton?!! They'll recover and still win 13 games this season. Ray Rice and Willis McGahee give them one of the most dynamic duos in the league, Flacco has demonstrated unbelievable poise in his first year and a quarter in the NFL, and is a star in the making. As for the Patriots, despite Moss finally reaching paydirt, these just aren't the Pats of old. They're going to have to start developing a more consistent running game to open things up for Moss and Welker, because they can't just bomb their way to victory anymore.

- The New Orleans Saints are unworldly right now. Pierre Thomas has been the best running back in the NFL for the past two weeks, and their defense forced 4 turnoversm and 4 sacks this weekend. Can't imagine how good they're going to be once Drew Brees gets going again.

- Sorry to anybody who attended the Tampa Bay-Washington game this weekend. Santana Moss is a stud, but other than that, these are two VERY bad football teams.

- Holy CRAP the Rams offense is an abomination. 3 turnovers all for touchdowns, another shutout, and 24 total points in 4 games.

- The 3-1 49ers, 3-1 Cincinnati Bengals, and 0-4 Tennessee Titans. Just feels weird to say, but they're all true.

- The San Diego Chargers= Just when you think you've got them figured out, they do the exact opposite of what you expect. They do it every year, so I'm done trying to analyze them. For all I know they're going to get swept by the Chiefs, but win in New York (Giants) and Dallas

- Last but not least, Denver Broncos you have me convinced. Their pass rush was fierce and unrelenting, Elvis Dumervil is playing out of his mind right now, and Brian Dawkins was all over the field (it seemed like I heard his name called on every single play). You faced your first true test and passed it with flying colors.

Week 5 Predictions (10-4 in Week 4, and 22-8 for the season...Winners in BOLD)

Bengals @ Ravens
Browns @ Bills
Redskins @ Panthers
Steelers @ Lions
Cowboys@ Chiefs
Raiders@ Giants
Bucs @ Eagles
Vikings @ Rams
Falcons @ 49ers
Texans @ Cardinals
Patriots @ Broncos
Jaguars @ Seahawks
Colts @ Titans
Jets @ Dolphins

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