Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fantasy Football Week 5 Thoughs and Predictions

Alright the season is officially into full gear, and if you're 1-3 or 0-4 it's definitely time to get worried, but don't panic and make crazy, impulsive decisions. Remember 4 to 6 teams make the playoffs, where anything could happen, so a 9-7 or even an 8-8 record if you're lucky and in a 6 team playoff could get you into the playoffs. Regardless of your standing, here's some advice heading into week 5, which will be tough for many owners (Saints, Packers, Chargers, Bears on bye week). Sorry for the lack of analysis on these picks, but this is taking hella long to write out as it is. Maybe will add analysis later in the week.

Guys who SHOULD be universally owned but if they're somehow available, add them NOW!!!! Use your waiver priority and/or however much salary cap money you need to use to get them. Stop reading and do it NOW!!!!

(1) Mike Sims-Walker
(2) Johnny Knox
(3) Joe Flacco
(4) David Garrard
(5) Pierre Garcon
(6) Vernon Davis
(7) Brent Celek
(8) Denver's Defense
(9) Donald Brown
(10) Rashard Mendenhall

Buy Low (Players who have reached their lowest point, and who you should try and take away from impatient owners.)

(1) Tony Romo
(2) Anquan Boldin
(3) Roddy White
(4) Michael Turner
(5) Steve Slaton

Sell Low (Players who either b/c of their own performances, or the personnel around them, are not going to meet expectation this season, and should be traded while you can still get good/if any value from owners who may hold out hope for a turnaround)

(1) Braylon Edwards
(2) Tom Brady
(3) Steve Smith (CAR)
(4) Terrell Owens
(5) Clinton Portis
(6) Larry Johnson

Sell High (Players who are off to good starts, but should be traded right now if you can get max value, as they're not going to keep up the current pace, but will soon regress to the mean)

(1) Cedric Benson
(2) Willis McGahee
(3) Steve Smith (NYG)
(4) Brett Favre
(5) Mario Manningham

Hold/Buy High (Players whose hot starts are for real, or should be bought now while the asking price is still reasonable)

(1) Mike Sims-Walker
(2) Matt Schaub
(3) DeSean Jackson
(4) Ray Rice
(5) Brent Celek

Week 5 Studs

(1) Sidney Rice
(2) Rashard Mendenhall
(3) Brent Celek
(4) David Garrard
(5) Mike Sims-Walker
(6) Tashard Choice
(7) The Panthers Defense

Week 5 Duds

(1) Cedric Benson
(2) Ronnie Brown
(3) Steve Smith (NYG)
(4) Steven Jackson
(5) Tom Brady and Randy Moss

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