Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 Tips to Make NFL Sundays Even More Awesome (Men's Version)

(1) Balance: With the pregame shows starting at 9am, and the 5:30 game not ending until 8:30 or so, there's a solid 12 hours of football, so it's important not to go to crazy early in the morning. Don't make the mistake that I made on week 1 and get bombed by the end of the morning games. Drink steadily throughout the day, and keep that constant buzz going so that you enjoy all the action. It's also important to keep a steady flow of food going throughout the day. If you're going to the bars for the games, maybe take the wife and kids out to IHOP or something before the game for a nice breakfast. You don't want to gorge on food, because overeating fills your stomach, and leaves less room for beer.

(2) Eat a nice Breakfast: I recommend any type of combination or dish that you can imagine, that includes all of the following: bacon, eggs, and sausage. Sunday Brunch is the perfect solution to (1) spend some "quality time" with the family, so that you can enjoy the rest of your day in peace.

(3) Either print out your fantasy football matchups, or have some sort of tracking device with you. It's easy to forget who you started/sat especially if you have more than one league, and even more difficult to remember who your opponent has. Rather than worrying about it all day, heed the Boy Scouts motto and Be Prepared.

(4) Only eat foods from the 3 Basic Food Groups: Pizza, HoerDourves, and Meats. Now after eating that delicious breakfast, I recommend that your next meal be a sort of half meal started at halftime of the early games. Share a pizza with your buddies, just to keep some food in your stomach, but remember it is always crucial to leave room for that next beer. If you're lucky, the women will prepare some hoerdourves for you and your friends during the 1pm games, or if you're at a bar, just order some wings. Now, after the 1pm games, there's about an hour gap until the night game. At this time, you can start gouging on food, and beer. Barbeque some burgers, dogs, chicken, or order your favorite dead animal at the local pub. Eat up, drink up, and secure a safe/sober ride home.

(5) Know your shit: It's always better to be the guy answering the questions, than the guy asking them. Wake up an hour or two earlier on Sundays (1) to make any last minute ffb roster changes and (2) to acquire as much knowledge as possible.

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