Friday, October 30, 2009

Reader of the Year Contest w/ Prize

Alright time to have some fun here, and reward those of you who read this blog every single day, or at least as often as you possibly can. From now until December ummm lets say 15, we will have a contest, I will post contest questions at random whenever the fuck I feel like it, maybe once a day, maybe once a week, maybe once total, and whoever accumulates the most points from not until then, wins.

THE PRIZE: A special Christmas present from me (don't expect anything crazy expensive like a Rolex/spa treatment, hell it might not even be monetary, it might be something homemade, but whatever it is, I promise that it will be from the heart. Once the winner is determined, I will decide what the present is).


- No cheating. No looking up past blog posts or wikipedia, or using anything other than your memory to obtain the answers. Honor system applies, but if I discover cheating, you will be banned from this, and any future blog contests. You are of course allowed to read past blog posts at any time, but cannot have them up while participating in the contest.

- You must be a subscriber to win. If you read this blog, but aren't a subscriber, take the goddamn 15 seconds to register, become a subscriber, and become eligible.

- You have 48 hours from the time of the time the post is made, to submit your answers.

- Your answers must be posted in the comments section of the given contest post.

- Once again, Don't cheat and read other people's answers in the comments section, hell they might be wrong, and if I see any signs of cheating, I reserve the right to insta disqualify you.

THE QUESTIONS (1 pt. each...future questions may be worth more points, important/recurring themes=more points)

(1) Who are the two hottest women on earth in this blogger's opinion?
(2) Who are the two most super awesome women on the planet in ths blogger's opinion? (questions 1 and 2 DEFINITELY have different answers)
(3) If I had 24 hours to live, where would I eat lunch?
(4) Where does the phrase (spelling) "teh ghey" come from?
(5) What did the sexy poker dealer in Vegas say to burn me?
(6) What song should have made my Ultimate CD list?
(7) What is Man Law #1?
(8) What is Women Law #1?


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  2. well as fun as this sounds, I will not be able to win as I usually read this when I'm really tired or drunk so I would not be able to know the answers unless I cheat, I love this blog, but I usually read at certain times in the day, for obvious reasons, but nonetheless thanks Marc for providing us with a good outlet for some interesting reading and a good source or comfort and laughter, thanks Juan

  3. WOMEN LAW #1......Be a good gossip. That "bitch"/"asshole" is surely talking shit about you behind your back, so you must do the same to her/him

  4. MAN LAW #1.............#1- Don't gossip and don't squeal! What a buddy tells you in confidence, or whatever stupid shit you and your buddies do, stays between said parties. Don't squeal or talk to the girls about that shit, keep it between the guys. Violation of said law is punishable by loss of friendship, 25 kicks to the nuts, and/or loss of man card.

  5. SONGS THAT SHOULD'VE MADE YOUR ULTIMATE CD LIST......."American Pie" by Don McLean....really should have been #13
    "Snap Yo Fingers" by Lil Jon
    "The way you look tonight" by Frank Sinatra
    "Pachelbel's Canon in D Major"
    "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles
    "The Girl from Yesterday" by the Eagles

  6. WHAT THE SEXY POKER DEALER SAID TO YOU.......While playing in my poker tournament on saturday, I'm making some small talk with one of the lady dealers because she was pretty sexy. Anyways, I make a mistake on a hand, and say "I suck", and she responds "Do you swallow?" The whole table starts laughing, and I just give her props because that was a very solid burn. Too bad I never got her number.



  8. Okay so I answered 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. I'm totally bored and po'd at watching the stupid Giants game. (I may have cheated a bit, but ya gotta give me credit because I'm old and my memory is failing me!) I defintely knew #3 without cheating!! And I think #2 is Heather and Hillary????

  9. ok Mrs. Owen you get two points. don't worry about remembering/not remembering, just answer what ever you can. you're the only one that got points this round anyways.