Friday, October 9, 2009

Top 5 Beverages Known to Mankind

(5) Vodka Rocks with a twist of lime.

(4) Gatorade from a cooler after competing in any type of athletic or competitive event is just the absolute nuts.

(3) H20. Water is probably the most complex, multidimensional, yet simple composition on the face of the planet, but it is "healthy" for you, and can be consumed at any time of the day, and when you're a desperately dehydrated mother fucker who is coming off a big surgery, and water is the only thing you're allowed to consume para oral, you get a little bit addicted to it.

(2) An ice cold beer. Don't give me this light beer/dark beer, cheap beer/expensive beer, domestic/imported bullshit. A beer is a beer. It is meant to be enjoyed, consumed, and played a fun version of ping pong with, and NOTHING ELSE!

(1) Scotch/Irish/American/Canadian Whiskey on the Rocks. The smooth flavor blended with ice to keep the drink chilled is like tasting Heaven on Earth. Chivas, Jameson, Jack, and Crown FTW!

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