Friday, October 9, 2009

What Exactly is "Nice"?

Alright so this has been bothering me for awhile, and while this question does not really pertain to incompetent fools like moi, I'm really curious as to what the female gender qualifies as "a nice guy"? We've all heard the expression that "Nice guys finish last", and I don't really know or fucking care if it's true or not. However, what the fuck qualifies you as being a nice guy, and what is the fine line between being a nice guy, and a pushover? What's the fine line between cool and mysterious and being a jerk? Or do women like jerks? Or does it just depend on what time of the month it is? I mean trying to understand women is like trying to listen to "Because I Got High" without laughing, it simply cannot be done. So please female readers, enlighten this jackass, what the fuck are we supposed to do to make you happy but at the same time get your attention?

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