Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Addendum to the What NOT to say to Women Post

Never ever and I mean EVER answer the following questions, because no matter what you say, you CANNOT and WILL not win, and just ohh God no I can just see the pain and suffering now of my fellow man, it's just nothing but darkness. Your best solution if any of these questions is ever asked of you, is to run, just run, run away, far away and never come back.

- Do I look fat?
- How does this look on me?
- Which of my friends is hotter?
- What happened at the bachelor party?
- Who is (name of chick who texted/called/facebooked/black berry messaged/any other sort of communicationed you)? And while we're at it, dude dude DUDE never let a woman go through your phone! They would rip your heart out if you went through their's, so equal opportunity FTW!
- Where were you last night?

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