Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Argument in Favor of Going to the Mall

- Hot chick capital of the world. Probably not going to work out well for guys in relationships, but if a single guy plays his cards right, this place is like fishing with dynamite.

- The Nordstroms piano player is the fucking man, and I can't hate on their couches either. I have nothing but respect and admiration for that man.

- Some of the stores actually don't suck: Sporting goods/memorabilia stores, brookstone, and Spencers are a few examples.

- Nice diverse group of food selections. Who doesn't love food courts? Sbarro, Cinnabon, and Orange Julius FTMFW! The sitdown food selections are usually pretty good as well, and hey there's always the bar to hit up when the bizzotch is driving you crazy.

- Malls really are good solutions for last minute/incompetent shoppers (i.e. all heterosexual men). Every type of gift that you could have to buy is somewhere in the mall, and there are always 80899438209 women who are willing to help you out and offer their opinions, making it much harder for you to royally fuck up.

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