Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chris Johnson and the Tennesse Titans

Remember when the Titans were 0-6, the season was done, and everyone was scratching their heads wondering how this team could fall so far so quick. Well they won a couple games, and Chris Johnson told the media that they were going to finish 10-6, and everybody laughed at him. NOBODY is laughing anymore! After a miraculous finish where Vince Young hit Kenny Britt for a 10yard TD on the last play of the game, the Titans are now 5-6, and if they get past Indy next week, Chris Johnson's prophecy may very well come true.

As a Trojan fan, the name Vince Young will forever me a source of anguish and despair, but I have to give him mad props. Taking over for a wildly ineffective Kerry Collins, he is now 5-0 this year, threw for 387 yards today, with a TD, and more importantly 0 turnovers. But the story of this team, is Chris Johnson, who right now is the best player in the NFL, and its not even close. Another 150+ yard game, including an 85 yard TD run, in which he simply outraced the entire Arizona defense. A few weeks ago, I said that Peyton Manning was the league MVP hands down, but if the Titans somehow make the playoffs as a wildcard, it will be virtually impossible not to give the award to Chris Johnson. Congrats Tennessee, and I will be rooting for you guys the rest of the way.

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