Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Disgraceful Performance by the Chiefs Today

First off, hats off to the Chargers. They are playing the best football in the AFC right now, and took advantage of all of our mistakes as good teams should. Still, tons of self-inflicted pain upon ourselves today, and a game that was beyond painful to watch from start to finish.

- 4 Turnovers all of the UBER ugly variety + a surrendered safety
- A center who cannot snap the ball properly in a shotgun formation
- A defense that gave up big play after big play, put forth ZERO pass rush, the entire game, allowing Rivers to complete bomb after bomb, and 34828890894 20 yard underneath routes to Antonio Gates. FFS, I could have gotten 100 yards receiving playing TE for SD today.
- Far too penalties, some of which sustained drives for SD, and some which killed our own. Charles ran the ball well all game, and it was nice to see Chambers get a TD against his old team, and we actually did have a chance to make this a game, but a total meltdown in the 2nd and 3rd quarters did us in. Ugly, but it's just one loss, hopefully the team is as embarrassed and ashamed as I am, and uses that as motivation for next week, and gives the Broncos all they can handle.

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