Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kansas City Chiefs 27 Pittsburgh Steelers 24

The title says it all. So excited, as we've had a couple chances this year to pull off a huge upset only to fall one play short at the end, so it's great to see us seal the deal this time. <3 Jamaal Charles, I've been saying all year that he's our best back, and Chambers has made a real difference so far. Winning w/out Bowe makes it that much better, mad props to our defense for harrassing Big Ben all day, and forcing 3 turnovers. Hopefully this is the win that helps us turn the corner, finish the season strong (our schedule is very favorable and a 4-2 or even 5-1 finish isn't out of the question) giving us some momentum heading into next season. I love the direction that this team is headed in, and things will only get better. Improving our O-Line and linebacking corp needs to be the top priority this offseason, but we have the pieces, we've been competitive in all but two games, and in a weak division, I can see us making some noise maybe next year, but realistically a couple years from now.

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