Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Hospital Observations

- Anasthesia/morphine highs are SO much more +EV than getting drunk
- I am totally 100% going to marry a nurse. They are all SOOOOO HAWT, nice, and legitimately care about other people. With all the bullshit they have to put up with from patients, loved ones, and doctors, there is no profession sans military/law enforcement that I have more respect for.
- Conversation after procedure #1:

Nurse: "Are you doing okay?"
Anastesia/Morphine fucked up marc1313: "Of course I'm okay, because you're here sexy nurse. You are so beautiful".

Luckily she was cool, and was also a die hard dodger fan, especially Ethier, loved Trojan football, was super awesome and fun to talk to all day, and no joke literally read my mind on a few occasions. Seriously, if she weren't married, I'd have already asked her to marry me.

- Had two other super hot nurses, one of whom I anasthesia/morphine hit on, and the other who was kind of a drinker, or at least used to be, and was able to in the sexiest way possible extract some of my drinking stories out of me.

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