Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sigh such a terribad weekend of football

- USC got whooped on by Oregon. The inexperience at defense finally caught up to us, and for the first time since 2001, we will not win the PAC-10, and for the first time since 2001, USC lost a game by more than 7 points. The end to an amazing run, but if we win out, we should still qualify for an at-large BCS berth, One game at a time.

- PuntingIsWinning suffered its first defeat, dropping to 7-1. So ironic that if I hadn't called Eugene, Chris Johnson and his 35 points would have been on the bench and I would have won, but I'm a man of honor, and I couldn't accept getting a lay-up win. Plus, my team only scored 75 points, so I definitely deserved to lose.

- I just HATE HATE HATE Brett Favre. Please go away and retire already! Really wanted Green Bay and Rodgers to pull it out, but Minnesota made plays when they had to bottom line. Ohh and Percy Harvin is just SICK!

- Congrats to Steve Spagnola (sp?) and the Rams for their first win of the season.

- What in the hell is wrong with the New York football Giants?! I know that they are not that bad, and the Eagles definitely aren't that good (they lost to the Raiders ffs!) Just can't believe how a veteran team who 3 weeks ago was #1 in my power rankings could have such an epic 3 week collapse. They should turn it around, and holy mother is the NFC East race going to be a dog fight from here on out.

- Congrats JaMarcus Russell on your best game of the year: 14/22 109 yards, and ONLY 1 Turnover.

- Went a pathetic 7-5 in my picks this week. Just like in fantasy football, the afternoon games absolutely crushed my soul.

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