Sunday, November 1, 2009

NFL Midseason Thoughts

Well the season is half over, for some teams, others have played only 7 games, shut up you know what I mean, 7/16 is close enough to half! There have definitely been some surprises, and some of the same old same old, but it's been a very entertaining season so far, with great excitement each and every week.

NFL MVP: Peyton Manning. No brainer here. Throws for 300 yards just about every game, doesn't turn the ball over, and most importantly does not lose. I think that's 16 straight regular season wins now for the Colts.

NFL Coach of the Year: Josh McDaniels. Another no brainer imo, after all the criticism that he took over the offseason before he even coached a game, he has the Broncos and their completetly revitalized defense at 6-1 and atop the AFC West.

Biggest Surprise (player): tie Cedric Benson and Matt Schaub. Benson has finally delivered after years of frustrating his real and fantasy owners to become an elite back, and gives the Bengals a power running game to match their potent passing game. Palmer to Ochocinco is in a total groove right now, and the Bengals are amazingly in 1st place in the AFC North. Many people were expecting big things from Schaub coming into the season, but few could have expected the year he is having so far. Despite a poor performance today, he came into this week as the #1 rated fantasy quarterback, and despite the disappearance of the Texans' running game, Schaub has his team lined up for a Wild Card berth and maybe more. On a side note: Steve Slaton just fumbled again.

Biggest Surprise (team): Can't be anything but the Cincinnati Bengals. They are solid in every aspect of the game, have beaten all 3 of their divisional rivals so far, and are a perfect 3-0 on the road. They have a HUGE home date with the Ravens next weekend, that will go a long way to determining the winner of that division.

Biggest Bust (player): JaMarcus Russell. It's not like you could have expected anything good from him before the season, but he has taken awfulness to a whole new level this season. His inability to complete a forward pass, or complete a game without turning the ball over multiple times makes it impossible to fathom how he's still the starter.

Biggest Bust (team): Washington Redskins. All that money, all that talent, and they are 2-5, and not only that, but a BAD 2-5 with losses to the Lions and Chiefs on their resume, and their 2 "wins" coming against the hapless Rams and winless Bucs.

Playoff Predictions:

NFC East: Eagles. Not going to alienate you Cowboys or Giants fans by picking the other, so I'll just piss all of you off instead. LOL just kidding, but in all seriousness, I love the Eagles defense, they are a playmaking bunch that changes games, and scores touchdowns, and they are absolutely loaded with playmakers on offense: Jackson, Maclin, Celek, and the running duo of McCoy and Westbrook. I still don't trust Romo and Wade Phillips not to implode in December, and by the time the Giants work out of this funk, it may be too late.

NFC North: Vikings. They all but sewed up the division today, as they now hold the tiebreaker over the Packers whose offensive line and running game (FUCK me for drafting Ryan Grant) is just LOL bad. Percy Harvin is superman on the field, Favre is playing like he's 25, their D-line is allworldly, ohh and then there's that Peterson guy.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints. The Falcons are going to be the wild card team that nobody wants to face, but the Saints are the best team in football right now, and it is going to be really tough for anybody to beat them, especially in the Superdome.

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals. Awful performance and embarrassing performance today by the entire team, but they'll turn it around, and the Niners are looking like a one month wonder.

AFC East: Patriots. Brady's got the offense clicking again, which means the rest of the league is fucked, and if you're playing the guy who has Brady in your fantasy league, you better pray that the rest of his team sucks.

AFC North: Steelers. Gonna be a great race, but when the game is on the line, and it comes down to crunch time, their defense and Big Ben always seems to make the plays that they have to to win football games.

AFC South: Colts. Pretty easy one here.

AFC West: Chargers. I know that I'm going to regret this pick, but something just tells me that the Broncos are going to meltdown, and the Chargers will for once play to their bloody potential, and go on a tear to end the season.

NFC Wildcards: Falcons and Cowboys.
AFC Wildcards: Texans and Ravens

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