Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Remembrances from Last Night

First of all, great times as always everybody, all your costumes were awesome, and thanks again for having us Ryan.

(1) Oregon moving the ball at will every fucking posession against the Trojans, but you know what, I don't want to talk about it.
(2) Phenomenal absolutely phenomenal spread of food. Meats, little hoerdourves, appetizers, and several different types of cheeses and crackers, just phenomenal. Well done and Bravo Dow family!
(3) Beer pong, but I don't want to talk about it.
(4) Breaking part of my cane within the first 5 minutes. How the fuck did that piece get lost? Thanks Mario and Peach for costume assistance.
(5) Talking shit to Little Red Riding Hood (she said it was funny stuff, nothing I haven't said a thousand times), and having a marine not to happy with me, which I totally understand. If someone talked like that to my sister, I would have insta thrown his ass in the pool.
(6) The Big Bad Wolf vs. The Pimp: Ultimate Fighting/Wrestling Championship Super Lightweight Division Round 1. Winner: Who the fuck knows?
(7) Hillary walking or maybe it was driving some lady home because said lady, don't remember who it was, was SUPER drunk.
(8) Hillary telling me that I went up to one of the women at the party and flat out just said: "You're hot". Her marital status and results of this situation are unknown at this time.
(9) Tons of *crosses fingers* hilarious drunk dialing
(10) Let's just say taking photographs that I did NOT want to take, but in hindsight are pretty fucking funny.

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