Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Notes from CBS Monday

- If I ever have a girlfriend, and we ever act in any way shape or form like Marshall and Lily, please for the Love of God find a way to sabotage our relationship, because clearly I'm not happy with her. Yea I guess that mushy gushy lovey dovey shit works for some couples, but that is SOOOOOOOO not me!

- I almost had a heart attack in the first half of How I Met Your Mother. I love the show, but if Barney and Robin ever start acting couply like that, I'm done with the show. They truly define the word awesome, and that is how all couples should act imo.

- Even though they're an awesome couple, I'm really not liking the whole Barney with a girlfriend thing. Even though she's super awesome, Robin takes some of his edge away, and is holding him back. And Ted really needs to be in a relationship, this show was at it's best when it was Ted/Robin, Marshall/Lily, and single Barney giving the couples grief over how lame their mushy gushiness was.

- Two and a Half Men is so goddamn consistently funny. I'm like 99.99% sure that Alan is the super ghey at this point. Highly doubt that any straight man in the history of mankind has ever recommended that a woman get breast reduction. Just beyond the worst idea in the history of mankind, and I was crying alongside Charlie the entire episode.

- The whole scene with Jake "realizing" that his dad was gone was fucking HILARIOUS!

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