Monday, November 9, 2009

Three Things I Miss About the NFL

- The NFL on NBC theme song. Don't get me wrong, it's NEVER a bad thing to see Faith Hill do her thing for 2 minutes. SUPER SUPER MILF, but can't they have her intro AND the old theme song. Just gives me goosebumps every time that I hear it, and always got me extra pumped up for a big game.

- Bill Cowher and the Steel Curtain playing a playoff game in Three Rivers Stadium. Heinz Field is "nice", but there was something about Three Rivers that gave the Steelers that extra edge. Maybe it was the turf, or the cookie cutter layout, but they just did NOT lose big games there. Although they were never my favorite team, they played my kind of football better than probably any other team in my lifetime: Run the football 30 times a game behind the Bus Jerome Bettis, and dominate with a hard-hitting, playmaking defense, led by stars Kevin Greene, Greg Lloyd, Rod Woodson, and Carnell Lake. 17-14 games FTW!

- The OLD Cleveland Stadium on a miserable rainy Winter day. I was pretty young, but I remember plenty of games played on that miserable muddy field, with 80,000 strong including the infamous Dog Pound cheering their team on better than any fans in the country. Once again not my favorite team, but part of what attracted me to the great game of football at a very early age.

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