Monday, November 16, 2009

"Three Times Two": A Murder Mystery Chapter 1 of 5 (Please Read the Post Below First)

December 28, 2009 Aspen, Colorado 3:00pm MST

Six 20 something year old people are driving up the mountains, to a secluded cabin in the Rockies for a week long vacation of winter sports, drinking, relaxing, and ringing in the New Year completely secluded from civilization. Driving their suburban up the rugged terrain to the lodge is the son of the cabin owner Samuel (Sam), along with his girlfriend of several years Lynn. Sitting in the captain's chairs is long time friend of Samuel and Lynn: James, and his new girlfriend of a few months, Carrie. Finally, in the back seats, are long time friends of the gang: Michael (Mike) and his newly wedded wife Kathleen, who makes no secret of the fact that James really should have let her sit in his captain's chair: "Mikey are you going to tell him or should I?". "Sweetie," he replies "just relax we're on vacation". "No he's still an ass!" she snaps angrily back at him.

James perplexed as to what is going on, asks Kathleen: "Are you talking to me WOMAN!"

"“Hey” retorts Carrie, “don’t call her Woman, sweetie. How many times must I tell you! That’s not nice, now apologize to her, and switch seats with her, because that’s what she wants”

“What? How do you know…”

“No buts! Just do it” Carrie snaps back in rapid fire motion

“Alright, fine, but only because I love you” as James and Kathleen switch seats.

Sam and Lynn chuckle quietly but loud enough for the rest of the car to hear.

“Something funny?” James asks them

“Nothing” Lynn retorts as she continues chuckling

“What ever happened to Mr. No chick is ever going to tell me what to do bro?” Sam asks, as it becomes increasingly obvious that Carrie is already on good terms with the rest of this tight knit group, and that James was a former “anti-couple” guy turned super whipped bitch.

“Hey have you noticed how hot she is” replies James referring to Carrie.

“Aww thanks” answers Carrie, “but you’re still sitting in the back bitch”. The entire group bursts out into hysterical laughter at James’ expense.

The rest of the drive up continues on without much incident, although the weather becomes exponentially worse as they continue the drive up the mountain, and further into the mountains. The gang arrives at their secluded cabin, and settles into their different rooms. The two-story cabin features a very spacious living room, a nice kitchen, a full bar, and four bedrooms upstairs, with each of the three couples occupying a bedroom, and the guys setting up their Xbox and PS3 systems in the 4th bedroom. By the time they are all finished unpacking, and the girls are all finished doing all that girly girl bullshit, it is nearly 8 pm, and everyone is tired from a long day of travel, relaxing having a drink or two in the bar, and snacking on potato chip sandwiches that James prepared for them all.

“Dude James bro. I’m not going to lie, these sandwiches are fucking amazing” Sam tells him

“I second that” adds Lynn, as the rest of the group nods in agreement.

“I’m telling you guys. All those years of being single and alone made me the master of the late night snack. But now I have my Carrie, and she’s the only late night snack that I need” as the two of them chuckle together in total puppy love agreement.

“Ohh God” replies Kathleen “get a room James”

“Get a room? Now you guys know how I felt all these years, when it was just me and you vomit inducing couples! I mean at least she (Carrie) is hot, I don’t know what you guys see in these women!”

“Hey! Don’t talk to my wife that way” retorts Mike, and he and James quickly get into a scrum, and wrestle/fight each other for several minutes. By the time that they are done fighting, it is evident that Mike and Kathleen are both tired, and they say their goodbyes and retire for the night. James already pretty buzzed tries to stop them, to no avail. James, Carrie, Sam, and Lynn continue to keep drinking and talking well into the night, drinking a wide assortment of drinks, and taking shots of all sorts of crazy concoctions that Sam thinks up.

December 29, 2009 7am MST

Carrie wakes up to an empty bed, and in a semi drunken haze. She realizes that she is alone in her bed, and walks out of the bed in search of James. She searches the bathroom, and kitchen, and cannot find him. Finally, she stumbles upon him in the living room, lying face down on the floor with a bottle of scotch laying next to him. She tries to wake him up, but does not succeed: “Come on wake up bitch” she pleads, but he lies motionless. She tries shaking him, and nothing is working, as he remains motionless. She starts screaming at him to wake up, at which point the rest of the gang hears her and rushes downstairs. They check his pulse, and realize that their dear friend James is dead of an overdose of scotch, beer, and Jaegerbombs, or so it seems at the time.

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