Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Three Times Two": A Murder Mystery Ending

The final chapter of my first little short story. Please let me know how I did, either in the comments section, or by telling me in person. Let me know what I did right, and more importantly what I did wrong, and how future short stories could be improved upon, so that I can produce a better quality product for you all. Should the chapters have been shorter/longer, more dialogue, less dialogue? More character development, more comedy, etc? I hope that you have all enjoyed the story, and look forward to "A Christmas Story", and "The 13 Days of Christmas" in the near future.

Chapter 5

January 1, 2010 Aspen, Colorado, 12:01am

As the clock strikes midnight and a new decade begins, Lynn the final survivor of Mike's destruction charges outside, knife in hand, planning to defend herself, and exact revenge on the man who systematically killed the love of her life, and three of her other closest friends. As she steps outside, the temperature is a sweltering 15 degrees, but the storm has let up somewhat, making it slightly more tolerable to be outside.

She cannot see Mike anywhere in sight, but is able to follow his footsteps in the snow, and follows them for a quarter a mile. Her mind races with a plethora of conflicting thoughts. While she is not a violent person, and would never want to hurt someone, she realizes that this man has killed four people, and will probably try and kill her if she doesn't stop him. Her mind races with thoughts of all the people that she has lost, and the images of their lifeless corpses, as she finally spots him leaned up against a tree with his head in his hands probably out of shame and regret for his actions.

Lynn knows that she will have to approach him quietly, and attack him from behind if she is to have a chance to survive this ordeal, as he surely has another weapon on him. She creeps into position, and then slowly approaches him, and when she gets into striking distance attacks with full fury. He sees her just before she attacks, and puts his hands up, trying to stop her, but it is too late, as she stabs him three times in the chest, before removing the knife. He never had a chance, and dies almost instantly.

She breaks down on the spot at what she had been forced into doing, and the entire ordeal itself. Eventually, she begins the short trek back to the cabin, where she collapses from exhaustion, having not slept in two days. A couple of days later the phone lines are back up and running, she calls the police, who take her statement, clean up the mess, release her, and take her to the airport, so that she can go back to Los Angeles and be with her family and deliver the tragic news to her friends' families.

January 8, 2010 Los Angeles, CA 8:00 am PST

After a week of grieving, Lynn readies herself to go the funeral of her friends. She remembers the note that Carrie gave her to give to James' parents. Her curiosity getting the best of her, she opens the letter, and reads it. The letter is dated December 30, 2009 9:00 PM.


Yes Lynn, because I knew you would open this; I got my first taste for murder when I was 18 years old, when I killed the burglar who had already killed my parents, and would have killed me had I not stopped him. For the next few years I dabbled in random vigilante killings, until that was not enough, and began killing people at random, and in all types of different ways. It's a disease, and no amount of killing could ever satisfy my thirst for it, and I knew that I had to put an end to it. I couldn't just go on a random shooting spree, but I had to plan the perfect murder, or series of murders, and pass my disease onto somebody else. But the only way I could make a killer out of innocent people, was to first kill everybody that they held dear to them. I chose you for a reason: because you are goodness personified, and have yet to be corrupted by the world, as I was before my first kill. While Mike is in fact going to kill me (knowing that I am the one) sometime in the next few days, it was I who killed your other three friends. If you're reading this letter, you followed through on my request, killed Mike, and are now a hero (as I was) but this letter will forever serve as a reminder that you killed the wrong man. Can you live with yourself knowing that you justifiably killed an innocent person, or will you turn to darkness as I did? I do hope that you are able to overcome this ordeal, and live a normal peace abiding life, but I so relieved that I will finally at long last be relieved of this burden, this sickness.


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