Saturday, November 21, 2009

Michigan-Ohio State

Outside of the Super Bowl, there is one sporting event (not involving any of my teams) that I have NEVER missed as long as I can consciously remember, and that is the annual gridiron meeting between The University of Michigan and The Ohio State University. USC-Notre Dame, Army-Navy, Alabama-Auburn, and Texas-Oklahoma, all have great histories, and all all great rivalries, but this is THE Rivalry in college football. There are so many reasons why I love this game, and here are just a few of them:

- The storied traditions of both programs, and the great players and coaches that have come through both schools
- The Stadiums: The Big House and the Horseshoe are two of college football's greatest venues, and each have played host to countless classic games.
- The Bands: "Hail to the Victors" and "Script Ohio" are two of the most recognizable fight songs, both schools have a great band, and there is just nothing cooler than watching the dotting of the "i".
- The significance: This game is almost always a key determinant in the Big 10 race, and often the National Title race, although Ohio State has already clinched a Rose Bowl berth this year, winning would lock them up sole possession of the conference, while a Michigan win would make them bowl eligible. So many times one of the teams has spoiled it's rivals National Title hopes by winning this game, and who can forget the epic #1-#2 game from 2006.
- While other rivals might hate each other more, at Michigan you ARE judged based on what you do against Ohio State and vice versa. Other rivals might make the same claim, but no other rivalry backs up the statement like this one does.
- The consistency: Whether at Ann Arbor or Columbus, it is always on the 3rd Saturday of November, starting at 9am PST on ABC.
- The Players: So many great players have gone through both schools, some unknowns have come out and shined in this game, who can forget Tim Biakabatuka, but usually the stas shine, and Heismans have been won in this game: Desmond Howard, Charles Woodson, and Troy Smith just to name a few.
- The Games: Throw out the records, and the past, because these games are always hard fought, hard nose, hard hitting, exciting football games. The game is starting in 6 hours, and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I know that I will.

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