Saturday, November 21, 2009

1st and Goal at the 9 yard line (Chick Story with Football Analogy)

Alright, so the one thing that I really thought that I would like about tonight, well aside from hanging out with awesome friends, was the fact that there would be tons and tons of horny single women there, and since the theatre was 21 and over, I'm thinking alright maybe hit up some chicks who after seeing a mushy gushy movie would be so aroused, that they'd hook up with just about any guy *raises hand*.

It felt like my defense had just forced a turnover, and I was taking over at my opponent's 9 yard line. As probably the one straight (although I'm starting to doubt that any guy who saw that movie is straight) guy in the whole theatre, it would be an easy score, and worst case scenario I would be able to score a "field goal". Well while waiting in line and checking out the local scenery, I realized that OMFG i do not want to score here. Even if I closed my eyes, I don't want to score a field goal here, much less a touchdown....ugly ugly ugly, annoying voice, talks to loud, annoying, uglier, etc. etc.

So anyways, with first and goal at the 9 yard line, in order to avoid a night that I would definitely come to regret, I instead elected to punt, because hey PuntingIsWinning.

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