Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 12 NFL Preview

Winners in bold: 12-4 last week, 84-43 for the season. Still steaming that I missed MNF this week, and that I lost in both of my main leagues. Still 9-2 and in first in my main league, but now 5-6 and need to win out and get help in my secondary league. Very very frustrating that my top two picks are hurt (Turner) and a bust (Barber), which is why I like drafting WR's earlier unless you can get MJD, AP, or CJ. RB's are so damn injury prone and you have to worry about time shares, whereas the top 5-10 receivers give you solid consistency with occasional blowup games.

The Thanksgiving games are going to be lol bad, although Detroit and Oakland have played better of late, but they still should get blown out, and Denver is on full collapse mode, and the Giants should have no problem getting to 7-4. Obviously the game of the week is New England-New Orleans on Monday night, but I'm also looking forward to Pittsburgh-Baltimore and Indy-Houston. Come on Chargers one time lay an egg and give the Chiefs three wins in a row.

Green Bay @ Detroit
Oakland @ Dallas
Giants @ Broncos
Miami @ Buffalo
Cleveland @ Cincinnati
Indy @ Houston
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta
Washington @ Eagles
Panthers @ Jets
Seattle @ Rams
Jags @ 49ers
Chiefs @ Chargers
Bears @ Vikings
Cards @ Titans
Steelers @ Ravens
Patriots @ Saints

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