Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another New Man Law

Never ever in ten million years say any of the following expressions:

"Gosh darnit"
"Chute" (sp?)
"Fudge" (unless referring to the food)
"Good golly"

and some more that I'm surely forgetting. Alright if you're in a situation where you can't curse, and you feel the need to, just don't say anything because saying any of these phrases is just flat out embarrassing, and will probably do more to hurt your reputation than actually dropping an F bomb. If you're one those religious people who "doesn't like to say bad words" well for fuck's sake these words basically have the same fucking meaning as their real counterparts, you're just substituting and it's a matter of semantics at this point. Shouldn't you not say anything at all, and deflecting your anger away? Not trying to bash religious people, it's their choice and I respect them for being 10X the person that I am, but seriously don't say the above phrases, because they are really NOT COOL BRA!

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