Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why Middle Linebacker?

- Because you're the captain of the defense. You're in charge of making sure that everybody knows their assignments, and a good middle linebacker who studies his film can diagnose the offensive play before it's coming. Love the story of the 2005 National Title game where Jason White claims that Lofa Tatupu was calling out the Oklahoma plays as soon as they lined up, on every single play.

- Because you get to hit everybody! Offensive linemen obviously, the quarterback when you blitz or he tries to scramble, the fullback on many running plays, the running back of course, tight ends on passing plays, and best of all those fairy primadonna wide receivers when they try and run crossing routes and quick slants into your territory. Light them the fuck up and make them think twice before coming over the middle again!

- Because you have to be aggressive, but intelligent and disciplined at the same time. You can't overpursue, must stay in your lanes, and need to have that nose for the ball that all the great defensive players have. This isn't the position for dumb jocks, you need brains and athleticism to survive at Middle Linebacker.

Just Missing the Cut

Fullback: Because you will inevitably get to hit every member of the defense at some point, and on some teams, you are going to get your 5-10 touches a game, both in the running and passing game. I love teams that mix their fullback into their gameplan, giving them an extra weapon that the defense has to watch out for. Stanley Havili FTW!

Free Safety: Because there can be no greater joy on the football field than coming up and absolutely leveling a wide receiver trying to cross over the middle of the field, and you're in prime position to get interceptions and change the tide of the game.

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