Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If I Had 9 Lives....

I am not kidding I would use one of them up right now (pain/scar and all, football players play through the pain) call up 21 of my closest friends, try and include some who are close to my size, put on my pads and a helmet and play a FUCKING FOOTBALL Game. Find a tore up muddy field, and under the lights, just go out and start fucking hitting people from my middle linebacker position. I doubt that I'd last more than 5 plays if that, but I can tell you that in those 5 plays I would make damn sure that whoever is in possession of the football will wake up the next morning knowing that they played a football game. Growing up small and with a major heart condition was fine, and I don't like to complain about it, but not being able to play football has forever pained me. Every American boy should have the chance to play this amazing game that combines athletic aggression with disciplined intelligence.

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