Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CBS Monday Review *SPOILERS*

Just got finished watching them, and just an absolutely home run tonight, but what else is new? With "The Shield" and "Monk" now off the air, this is the only non sports television that I have left, and it rarely fails to disappoint.

- "How I Met Your Mother" was great. <3 Robin doing the Se7en imitation and later trying to seduce that other guy by acting slutty was SOOOO HAWT! Seriously, my dream woman is so much like her it's kind of scary. Ted chasing after the girl next door was awesome, and I loved the little montage at the end. Although it will mean the end of the show, I'm anxiously awaiting finding out the identity of the mother, so we can see how all of these little stories helped him find her. I'm also really starting to think that Marshall and Lily need to have a child. The characters are all in their 30's, and they're characters need some development and story arcs, and a baby is the only real logical next step.

- "Two and a Half Men": First off, I just want to say that it's kind of cool watching Charlie and Chelsea go through their wedding preparations at the same time that two of my best friends are. Some of the little comparisons are pretty damn hilarious (lol Paul you're so taking dancing lessons, and no I'm not going to dance with you you fag!) Jake and his comments towards Charlie and Alan were damn hilarious, but the overall episode was a little bit slow and not quite as funny as usual.

- "The Big Bang Theory": Whoa dude Leonard you violated like 889432 man laws in that episode. Dude you don't invite your bro's new g/f to see your cool experiments, and then you compounded your mistake by throwing him under the bus, selling him out, and then burning him in front of her. You need to watch the episode for this all to make sense, but it was bad. Hey rocket scientists, when trying to find out a way to disinvite her to your experiment, just FUCKING LIE! It's not that difficult. Good to hear Wolowitz's mom who like the broken elevator is one of the greatest mysteries on this or any show. Sheldon and Penny were beyond hilarious as always. Penny is so a proton, and Sheldon is so an electron, and I swear these two need to get together, it would just be hilarious to see them together, please give us more Sheldon and Penny scenes! I mean Leonard/Penny just is not going to last, they're too different, but not in a good way, if that makes any sense. Sheldon and Penny's differences create such an awesome conflict, and I mean there's no chick alive who is going to be like Sheldon, so the next best alternative is his dead opposite.

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