Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Christmas Story Chapter 1

Been racking my brain trying to come up with a fun, original, and entertaining story for you all to enjoy over the next month. The finale will be written on Christmas Eve, but unlike the murder mystery, this story isn't about jumping to the ending, it's about enjoying the journey.

Major Warning: This story is probably going to be teh ghey, no correction it's definitely going to be teh ghey, as in chick story, as in guys you might want to just skip to the football/raunchy posts, as in girls, this is just for you. Yes, believe it or not, I actually do have a faggoty sensitive side, and since the majority of my readers are female, I kind of owe you all one. So, without further ado, "A Christmas Story", yes that's really what the title is going to be (I have no originality, one of you right brained people can come up with a better title when it's all over) STFU and enjoy!

Chapter 1

New York City, New York Thursday December 3, 2009

As the clock struck 6 pm, Rachel Summers began to pack up her things, having finished another 12 hour shift at St. Luke's Hospital in Manhattan. Fellow nurse and best friend Patricia (Patty) Gonzalez asked her: "Hey do you want to come over and have dinner with me and Tony? We're making your favorite: steaks with macaroni and cheese."

"Aww thanks for the invite Patty, but I promised Charlie that I'd watch the Knicks game with him over at our place"

"Knicks? They suck, why do you want to watch them lose again"

"The pains of being a true fan Patty. Stick with your team through thick and thin. And I've missed the last three games, so Charlie's gonna give me all hell if I miss another one"

"Alright, well have fun...I guess"

Rachel hails a cab, and takes the short 10 block drive home to her and Charlie's cushy Manhattan loft. Charlie her roommate, perennial bachelor, and best friend since grade school, works as a sports agent, representing some of the best athletes in the world, hence their ability to afford a nice Manhattan loft, and their obsession with sports.

As Rachel walks in the front door, Charlie laying down lazily on the couch, yells "Catch" as he tosses her a beer, which she catches just in time, cracks open, and begins drinking. "What'd I miss?" she asks as she walks to her room to change into some more comfortable clothes.

"12-10 Celtics" he answers. "Hey who I play Forsett against the Niners or Grant against the Ravens this week?" he asks her referring to a fantasy football question.

"I'm not playing you am I?"

"No I'm playing Tony"

"Ok, then I would definitely go Forsett, but just make sure that Jones is still out, or you're going to be dealing with a time share issue"

"Ok thanks" he replies, as she enters the room wearing her Knicks jersey, and Knicks sweat pants. She proceeds to down the rest of her beer, and opens the refrigerator to see nothing but a 24 pack of beer, half a piece of bread and some condiments.

"Pizza?" she asks

"On the way...20 minutes give or take"


She grabs a couple more beers and moves Charlie over, as he was previously laying spread out on the couch, so that she can have half the couch to sit down on. Watching the game on their 48" flatscreen, they both become immersed in the game, cursing out the referees and the hated Celtics in unison, as they had for the past 25 years. For these two 30 year olds, they had never known anything other than each other, but as similar and alike as they were when it came to sports, they could not have been more different when it came to dating.

Charlie was ever the free-living bachelor, bringing home a different girl seemingly every other night, and never bringing home the same girl twice, whereas Rachel had only been in two serious relationships in her life, both of which ended in her boyfriend cheating on her. Despite her tomboyish nature, she was a hopeless romantic, just waiting for her knight in shining armor to come and rescue her from a world and a life that up until this point had not been so kind to her.

As Rachel glanced to her side, on the mantle, she saw a photograph of her ice skating with her parents on Christmas Eve (a family tradition) when she was 10 years old, and thought back on that day eight years ago that changed her life forever.

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